Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SL-555 Windlass and bowsprit update

While looking cruising through the craigslist I found a Simpson Lawrence windlass model 555 for sale. The owner wanted a bit to much for it but I called to see if he would be at his shop so I could go and look at it. I arrived at his shop to see that he has a ton of marine equipment there. This guys buys boats that are damaged, or cheap or from people who just want to get rid of them. He then parts them out for what seems to be decent prices. Anyway the windlass was not beat up and worked as smooth as it ever would. But the gypsy (the part that winds the chain on or off the boat) would not freewheel. But this is a fairly common problem with ones that don't get used much, as this one appears to be. I offered what I thought would be a decent price and he accepted. So I am the proud owner of a new to me windlass, the exact model I wanted. So now I can figure out how to mount it while my bowsprit is still off. Oh, for what it is worth I was told this windlass came off of Dennis Conner's old wooden boat. (Whatever)

Speaking of the bowsprit. I finished putting a coat of primer on it last night. Tonight I hope to get a coat of paint on it and the Samson posts.

So what is the name of the tapered piece of wood that goes under the bowsprit? I have no clue. But above is a picture of it!

Just a quick sanding then ready for paint!