Tuesday, August 7, 2012

eeww that smell, can you smell that smell...

Lynard Skynard sang it, I had to remove it. Last Sunday 7-5-12 I made it my mission to remove the head and all the associated hoses and holding tank. There was a ... shall we say... a certain funk to the boat when you opened the hatch. Since we do not use the head at this time and I was tired of the smell it was time to be rid of it. It took about 2 1/2 hours to do the demo. It could have taken less time but the previous owner had plumbed the holding tank in such a way that the hoses were also full. Nasty, Nasty, Nasty. I had the mobile pump out company pay the boat a visit last week so there would be as little as possible in the tank and hoses.

I suited up with rubber gloves, and towels and two rolls of paper towels and a fan pumping fresh air into the boat. I figured I was ready to do battle with the poop........ I was wrong. EVERY hose has some form of nasty in it. Now these hoses for those who don't know are special hoses. They are designed to keep the smell from permeating through them, thus they are tough. So tough that I could not undo the hose clamps and pull them off the fitting. Nooo I had to cut them. Cutting doesn't sound bad, but I found out that saltwater will crystallize inside these hoses to form a rock, a poop rock if you will.Yea, 1 1/2" hoses restricted to less than 1/2" Did I mention NASTY, NASTY, NASTY?   I had to wash the bidge out also as I had some "spillage".


 Ok, enough with the details or I'm gonna toss my cookies. In the end I won! But I had to take a loooooooong hot soapy shower to get that crap off of me. (Or at least I thought I had crap on me!) I swear I could smell poop for days after in places I normally don't smell poop. I think I was just paranoid that I missed some speck of nasty.
So now its Tuesday I feel clean and I don't smell the poop anymore.

So the plan when I install a new head is to plumb it correct and legal. I will look into somehow keeping the saltwater used to flush the toilet from stinking. I hear putting a seawater strainer helps. But the research and install will have to wait until later.

Now that I think of it my fellow workers kind of shunned me Monday maybe I did miss a spot.....