Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Baja Ha Ha and Alado Roller Fullers

We received the official notice that we are in the Baja Ha Ha! We are so excited to be going. If you don't know what the Baja Ha Ha you can click on the name and follow the link to read about it. Basically it is a rally of sailboats that meet in San Diego and then sail down to Cabo San Lucas in about 12 days with two stops along the way. At last count there were 103 boats heading down. The Rally is October 30 thru November 12. We can't wait!

We are in contact with Steve and Sherri Brenner on SV Pablo down in Mexico. They have a Westsail 32 just like ours. We have been following them on Facebook since before they did the Ha Ha last year. We have been asking lots of questions as they are the "Pros" now!

Our good friend Rob will be going with us for the trip down to Cabo. He is a sailboat racer and can teach us a lot so we are pleased he said yes when we asked him to join us. I think this trip was on his bucket list so it is as special to him as it is to us. Thanks for joining us Rob!

Recently we installed our Aldo Roller furlers. The process was simple and easy. I think they will serve us well. I installed them on the two head sails. This will allow us to deploy the sails, reef or store them all from the cockpit. It will be safer that way.

We ordered a kit from Sailrite to change the sails from hank on to furler. Now we can roll the sail around the wire in order to store them or to deploy them. It makes it so much easier than having to get out on the bowsprit in heavy weather. (I know this first hand!)

We have  a lot of projects going on so stay tuned as we prepare for our Sail away date of October 30!

Oh and Deena says I need to change the background to something brighter. So watch out for a different color scheme!