Sunday, November 29, 2015

So what is going on now....

So what is going on now with the boat. Well in short A LOT OF THINGS! As you can tell from the last post Nellie Jo can sail now. We have lots of projects going on at one time. I do try to keep the number of projects going at one time down but they always just seem to multiply. Below is a list that I will explain each one how I did it

We installed a Cool Blue refrigeration system from CruiseRO. It works wonderfully and the owners are a joy to talk to and will help you with any question you have. The tech support is great as Rich seems to always be available no matter what odd hours I called him.

Drain tubes

Miss Mae passed away

Move aboard


LED lights

Research RO system



Hand rails

Slit the cockpit sole

Impeller exploded and the hunt for all the parts in the cooling system

relocated cockpit thru holes

Toilet rebuild with new holding tank

A bunch of others.

Tate and Dani are out there. Yup they are living the dream. Follow them at Sundowner Sails Again.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Sailing Nellie Jo

Here is a short video I took of one of our first sails with Nellie Jo. It was a couple years ago This was outside of the port of Los Angeles near Angeles Gate. The sails are original to the boat. I took them to the sail maker and he said they had 5 to 7 years of life left in them. They were barely used and had been kept covered all their life. I hope you enjoy the video.