Monday, August 20, 2012

I've been making progress, honest.

Ok I admit that I thought I would have the bowsprit on by now. But man I didn't know there would be so many other things that would need fixing or just needed to be done too.  Lets see.... the bowsprit is rotten, get bids for a new one, order it, wait for it, go pick it up, check it to make sure it is correct, put a coat of penetrating epoxy on it, lightly sand it, clean it, put another coat of penetrating epoxy on it. Get paint, read about the paint, buy the supplies to paint, lightly sand the bowsprit, clean it, put a coat of primer on, don't wait for it to dry completely,lightly sand it, screw up the primer then sand it off completely,clean it, put another coat on, wait for it to dry complety, lightly sand it, clean it, put the second coat on (really the third), wait for it to dry, sand it lightly, clean it, put a coat of paint on(finally!), wait for it to dry.....that is where I am now. No big deal you say? I work ten hours a day with a one hour commute (1\2 hour each way) So up at 5am home at 5:15 pm and then I can start on the boat projects. (Am I whining? IT sounds like whining to me!) But I like my job, so no complaints.

The moral of the story is to keep doing a little each day. Like the saying goes a long journey starts with one step. So just keep stepping! After all this is going to be our house, and our escape pod from the rat race. I have my eye on the goal and ENJOY all the little things that seem to slow things down. I feel better just knowing that I will have intimate knowledge with EVERYTHING on this boat when I have to fix something out in paradise!

Can I go now I really want to work on the boat some more, your distracting me......