Monday, August 20, 2012

Engines from thought to bought

So I bought the Yanmar 3JH3E. I checked it out as best I could and did a ton of research and made the decision to buy the iron jib. I found out that there is a common problem with Yanmar heat exchangers. It seems that if the engine is level and not on a slight slope to the rear the heat exchanger will not drain out all the seawater. So it sits there doing what sea water does best....eats metal!  Yea it supports life too but not metallic life!  Now this engine had 243 hours on it and is about 10 years old. That's 24.3 hours average a year.  Yanmar said that when a engine is going to sit for awhile you should flush out the salt water side with fresh water so it will not eat up the heat exchanger.They still make parts and it seems to be a popular engine. Parts can be found all over the world, meaning where ever I am the parts will be too! (Yea I know, wake up and smell pay the imports fees dreamer!)
None the less this engine will get Nellie Jo out on the water sooner and I'm all for that. For now I have covered the engine and will set it to the side while I continue with the bowsprit and chain locker project. I don't like to start to many projects at once less I get overwhelmed! Here are some pictures of the "new" engine.

Hey Curtis, can you come over and fix this thing for me?