Friday, October 5, 2012

She's a rigger!

Last weekend Deena and I went down to the boat to reinstall all the hardware on the bowsprit, not including the platform. We reinstalled the tangs after taking them home and inspecting them. We put a bead of chalk around the bolt holes on both sides to help keep the water out. We then installed the new whisker stays with new open body turn buckles.  (Don't you love the blue tarp over the boat? It was hot so we threw it up there. The marina has a no tarp policy....but we removed it before we left.)

Deena then installed the stays for the forward sails. These also have new open body turn buckles.

Deena wants to learn as much as possible about the boat in case I get sick or whatever. So far she has been doing really well! Dang I love that girl that loves our boat!