Monday, October 22, 2012

Starting the engine removal & restore 12 volt power

Last Friday night I headed down to the boat to work on getting the engine ready to remove. I had done some work on it before but I needed to complete it. I had sprayed some penetrating oil on the shaft coupling a few weeks ago hoping it would help loosed some of the rust. Well it worked I was able to get the shaft coupling separated from the transmission with out ANY cuss words. Yes I have been know to spew a few when I get really mad at objects. (Now you know more about forget that part.)

 I also removed the bolts that held the motor mounts to the fiberglass pan. I just hammered them flush to the fiberglass then used a screw driver as a punch to sent them into the enclosed area between the pan and the hull.  I must say I think that the mount design is a bit light. But hey it worked so who am I to judge?

I t was dark by then so I picked up all the tools and moved inside to try and get the 12 lights to work again and more importantly the bilge pump. I must say that having no power to the bilge pump all week weighed heavy on my mind. I kept thinking of Nellie Jo's sister ship the Delta Belle. (Sorry Skip!). The ground was run through the engine so when I disconnected all the wiring off the engine I lost all the 12 volt power. It was easy enough to find the correct disconnected wire and connect it directly to the battery ground. Now I could sleep better as I had restored all the 12 volt power. I ended up sleeping on the boat. I was just to tired to make the 40 minute trip home.

Just so you all don't think I am just sitting at home when I finish my 10 hours at work here is a list of the items I work on at home.
-Bowsprit platform - I have put 3 coats of Cetol light on it and have one coat of gloss clear on it. I have to put at least one more coat before I can call it done. Oh and I sanded and sanded and sanded on it first!
-Forward pulpit I polished it up. I am making new teak mounts for the nav light to mount to on the pulpit.
-Windlass I bought a used one and cracked it open, It was still greased heavily and the seals look to be in good shape. I need to paint it and figure out what to do with the formerly chrome pieces. Oh I did make a new gasket for it.
-Aft pulpit I polished it up. I need to make some backing plates for it out of stainless steel.
-2x4 boomkin cross piece I polished it.
I know there are others but I'm too tired to think of them right now.

Till next time,