Friday, October 5, 2012

Well traveled parts...

I was cruising the Westsail Owners Association website a while back and saw that Mike and Carol had a stern pulpit and a 4" boomkin cross piece for sale. I contacted them and ended up buying it from them. Now they live in Oregon and I live in Socal. So shipping these items down would not be cheap.......except they were heading down to Socal in a few weeks and would bring it with them.

A few weeks later we get a call that they are in Oceanside. We make an arrangements to meet them to pick up the items. We head out on a Saturday to meet them and have such a nice time talking to them we all go to supper together. Mike and Carrol have to be some of the nicest people around plus they have great stories to tell.
left to right-Me(James)my wife Deena, Carol and Mike
Here are pictures of the parts I bought. Mike and Carol tell us that these parts have been to the South Pacific! Nice that is where we want to go!  Plus these parts of off their boat which was in the tsunami that came from Japan.

Thanks Mike and Carol!