Sunday, October 7, 2012

V-Berth Paint, Boomkin Inspection and Start of Engine Removal

Today at the boat Deena and I were both busy. Deena sanded down the v-berth platform and part of the hull to prep it for paint. She then vacuumed it down then wiped it down twice to make sure all the dust was removed. She also put a second coat on the chain locker bulkhead.
We are using exterior satin semi gloss enamel Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint and Primer on the wood and the hull. We will not use it in the bilge area, but everywhere else. The paint really makes a big difference in how it looks!
Now that we are done with the bowsprit, except for the platform I am moving on to the boomkin. I use a dental pick to probe the wood of the boomkin. I did find some soft spots so just to be sure I will replace the boomkins The underside of the boomkin had no protection at all. Of all the mast failures I have read about the boomkin failing was fairly common. Keep in mind that the boomkin is 37 years old so I will sleep better if I replace it! I will be replacing the tangs, wire and turnbuckles.
Engine Replacement
I have to replace the engine and if you look back in the blog you will see that I bought a 40HP Yanmar. Today I started to remove everything out of the engine room in preparation to remove the old Volvo MD11C. Below are some pictures of the engine room before I started to remove everything. I did already remove the wet muffler, 6 gallon water heater and a few of the hoses.

All in all I think the engine room is fairly "clean" as far as not a lot of wiring and miscellaneous junk in it.
I was able to remove the engine mounting bolts to the engine bed, the fresh water pump and all of it's hoses. I looked at the port side fuel tank and it seems to be in good shape. But again it is 37 years old so I will replace it and install a starboard side tank too.