Friday, September 28, 2012

Chain hawser pipe

While working in the anchor locker I installed a anchor hawser pipe to lead the chain and or rope lower in the hull. I have read a lot about getting the chain weight further back in the hull to help improve the ride. The previous owner had all the chain and rope high and really as forward as it could go. With this change it now dumps down right at the forward flat of the hull. I could run it back further but it would have to be pulled. I don't want to have to have someone below deck pulling chain every time we hoist anchor. As you can see I ran some light weight rope through the pipe to make sure it all ran through on its own. I figure the bigger rope is heavier so it should "flow" as well as the lighter rope.
The Westsail drawing says to run 2" pipe but I ran 3" to make sure the eye at the chain/rope connection does not get hung up.

Here is a picture of the pieces I used for the pipe. It is all 3" PVC drain pipe. The top piece that attaches to the deck is a toilet flange. I made a plywood piece that will get epoxied to the hull then the toilet flange will get screwed to that. You can see I cut some of the flange off because it was hitting the bowsprit bolts. Then there is about 24" of straight pipe then a 45 degree elbow, then a 12" straight.
The area that the chain gets diverted to does lead to the low bilge. That way any water that comes aboard with the chain can drain into the low bilge. Plus there are holes on port and starboard sides for air flow.
This pipe is not permanent yet as I want to see where I mount the windlass before I epoxy all the piping in.