Friday, September 7, 2012

Lemon Oil = WOW

Earlier this week as I was working on the bulkhead (that is an upcoming post) my wife was oiling down the interior wood with lemon oil. Most of the interior wood is in nice shape. The galley area and the chart table area is bleached out. It really looks bad. For the most part the wood is solid just ugly from no one taking care of it for a while.
You can see in these two pictures that the wood is just nasty looking.
But look at the pictures below now that Deena has oiled the wood down. Wow it is a great thing! The wood is actually nice looking. She had only put down one coat, (Do you "coat" with lemon oil?) But the wood really sucked it up.

We have been back to the boat several days after the oil was applied and the wood still looked great.
We were both truly amazed. I thought that in a few hours the wood would go back to looking ugly but with an oily film on it. Nope it still shines. We were there last night and it looks great.
This means we will stock up on lemon oil and keep the wood wiped down. It looks so nice, it sure make it easier to look at than that bleached out wood!