Friday, September 28, 2012

Wire on crack and crack in the eyes

I took all the hardware off the bowsprit and the rigging, meaning the bobstay and the whisker stays. I cleaned them up and used a magnifying glass to inspect the ends. The picture below is the lower end of the bobstay. I thought it looked OK until I used the magnifying glass. If you notice the fitting is not swollen at all.

My bobstay fitting on the hull has a bit of pitting on it but it looks to be fine. I will install a zinc on it just in case.

Here is a picture of one of the whisker stays. See the cracks in?

See the cracks running left to right?

I will also be replacing all the turnbuckles which are closed body to open body style.

And here is the answer. I figure since this little ship is going to be our home I will go ahead and replace all the rigging and use the old as spares. I'll rather be safe than sorry in the middle of the ocean!
The tangs are for the boomkin. I have the original 1" version.  I removed the whisker stay tangs and they both look good. The bolts had just a wee bit of rust which came off easy. I will reuse the whisker stay tangs.