Friday, September 28, 2012

Chain Locker Bulkhead Complete

I'm a little behind in my postings. But life and working on the boat are keeping me busy. Here is the finial version of the chain locker bulkhead repair. I ended up painting it white because I think the white will help brighten up the space. With all the dark wood a little paint won't hurt. If I end up not liking it I can put veneer over it. All in all it turned out well. To recap the bulkhead had rot in it from the Samson post deck opening leaking. I cut all the rot out and made a patch for the bulkhead. I did make a new forward piece for the V-berth floor as it was cut too narrow. I epoxied the new bulkhead patch and the new V-berth piece in. I used 2 layers of 4" tape to attach the v-berth floor to the hull. 
Deena did all the painting. It was stinking hot the day we were working, but we did really enjoy it. We can't wait to be done so we can take Nellie Jo sailing.

 I figure since we are up there we might as well paint that area. I used premium exterior enamel. I did some research and pretty much decided it should hold up as well as bilge paint. I did prep all the surfaces properly. Time will tell.