Friday, January 18, 2013

Windlass Installed!

Last night after work I headed to the boat to install the windlass. Deena met me there with all the items I would need to mount the windlass. I removed two of the three bronze bolts that hold the bowsprit on. I will use these to hold the windlass plate on plus I will install a 4" lag bolt in the middle of the 10 ga. stainless steel plate for additional strength. The pic below shows the game plan. You can see that I have butyl tape as the sealant.
The next shot shows the plate mounted. I see that a lot of people mount the windlass more to the starboard side to line up with the existing opening in the deck. I chose to move the opening in line with the bow roller. This allowed me two things, first the pull of the chain from the bow roller to the windlass down to the chain locker deck opening will all be in line. (The blue tape is covering the opening.) I plan on having an all chain rode on this side so I hope them all being in line will help. I also installed a chain pipe which you can see here. Second on the port side I will cut an opening (Nellie Jo only has one hole for the anchor for now.) for a mostly rope anchor line to go below into the rope locker.
 I did install a second bow roller when I replaced the bowsprit so I could carry two anchors if I want to.
Here is the final install. It was dark by the time I finished. By I'm glad to be done with this project.