Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back to work on the boat-Motor and Windlass mount

Not much was done on the boat this last month due to Christmas. But the plus side is all my kids came home so I was able to spend time with them all. (All both of them!) Dang I miss them!

I'm trying to get the engine complete as there are some small things I need to take care of. One of the items is the spacer that goes on the alternator. It has to be ordered from Japan and will take several months to get here. I think I will find some kind of different spacer to use. I think I will use a threaded coupler that is used for all thread rod.
The poor picture above is for the bottom bolt length. This is were I need the spacer.
The picture below is the upper bolt That I need. I put a long one in just to hold the alternator in place while I test fit the belt.
I still need a control panel for the engine. I found a place in Florida that might have a used panel. I would like to use my existing gauges if possible but know if I could. Anyone know if I can use my old gauges? Below is the picture I'll send to the shop to see if the panel they have will work.
I bought the bolts I needed to mount the windlass on the mounting plate that was made for me. I drilled the mounting holes tonight. It was a bit of a problem as I did not have the correct size bit. I ended up using a unibit to finish the holes but I burned up the bit going through the stainless steel plate. Here are a couple of pictures of the plate and the test fit of the bolts.

That's it for now. Work should pick up again on the boat so stay tuned! I hope to start making the hawser pipe fiberglass tubes tomorrow.