Thursday, December 13, 2012

Whats up with the engine? Will I ever get it installed?

Just an update on how the engine replacement is going on. If you recall I bought a used Yanmar 3JH3E 40 hp engine. It had low hours on it but needed a new heat exchanger.

Well now I have the heat exchanger and am only missing a hose and a couple of bolts.

We removed the old engine. It went really well as I was expecting it to be difficult. But it was far from that. (My wife says I worry to much.)

Deena de-greased, sanded, prepped and painted the engine room. (Yeah, that's my wife, loves to work on the boat! Lucky Me!!)

I took a bunch of measurements and made a mock up of the engine room liner out of plywood. I know normally people make mock ups of the engine. My engine was at home, so the mock up is of the liner! I have the "small" engine liner used for the Volvo MD-11 engine.
Above is a full size drawing I made in CAD taped to the plywood.

Here I have cut out the liner opening.

Here is the sides of the liner in CAD taped to the plywood.

Here is the liner "top" and sides.

Now with the bottom. Ready to start hacking on it.
Right now I am tweaking the mocked up liner to see where I have to make cuts as the engine is just a tad too wide at the transmission and the oil dipstick tube. I am trying to make it so I can go make all the cuts on the boat, glass the cuts in, then cut lower the engine with a minimum of fuss. I will use 1/2"aluminium plate as the base mounting plate and as any spacers I will need. Bud Taplin sent me a CD on mounting a Beta engine. Bud sells Beta engines at a really great price made for the Westsails, but it was a bit out of my budget. Bud has helped me a bit  figuring out my install, needless to say he has been a blessing.
Here is a picture of my lift at home that I use to raise and lower, raise and lower, raise and lower.... the motor as I test fit the liner.
A little giant ladder, a tow sling and a come-a-long = engine lift.
Here is a picture of the engine on the "liner" I'm getting close to having it fit. I am just having a hard time figuring out the correct angle of the engine so it lines up with the propeller shaft. I know I can figure that out in the boat and it is just a matter of getting the right spacers in. I really hope to set the motor in before the new year....we'll see.