Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Engine Pan Mock up Completed!

I have finished the engine pan mock up. I hope it will stop me from having to do many test fit lifts with the engine. I still have to figure out the correct height and angle . But I did get it somewhat close as I had measured the shaft/couping location.

Here is the "finished" mock up. Some of the cuts are too long. I took measurements while the motor was sitting on the mock up to be able to keep the cutting to a minimum. The picture of the yellow paper has the final dimensions.

I will have to cut the aft outboard sides of the pan a little to get the engine mounts to fit. But that is no big deal and it usually has to be done anyway.
I'm so excited to be close to dropping in the motor. I was planning on running the engine at home before I dropped it in the boat. But I don't think I will do that...we'll see. If all goes well I will start laying out the cuts tomorrow on the boat and maybe get some of them cut.