Sunday, December 2, 2012

Slow going the last two weeks and the LA harbor boat parade

For the last two weeks I have been sick. This makes it impossible to work on the boat. It sucks that I was sick but it sucks that I could not work on any of the boat projects. Finally yesterday, Saturday I felt human again. Deena and I headed to the boat to watch the Los Angeles boat parade which passes right by our boat. We headed out about 4pm for the parade at 6pm. The parade was celebrating 50 years this year. I think the turnout was a bit light due to the forecasted rain that didn't show up until later that night. I took some pictures of the boats and the LAPD helicopter that was buzzing by. Below are the pictures I took. After the parade about 8pm Deena and I were so tired we decided to sleep on the boat. It was an early night for us.
I have done some small stuff on the boat equipment before I got sick that I'll make another post on. In reality there are a ton of small items that need to be done as well as a bunch of big items.

Enjoy the pics...we enjoyed the parade!