Friday, July 6, 2012

In the beginning

In June of this year my wife (Deena) and I purchased a 1975 Westsail 32 hull . She was named Misty Blue and was in a state of disrepair and generally just neglected. We have named her Nellie Jo in honor of my mother.
Deena and I are planning to take off and sail into our retirement in about five years. So this blog will document the refitting of Nellie Jo. So follow along with us as we chase our dream!

Here is the way we found Misty Blue. She was really dirty, looked like a homeless boat and was just sad looking. But Deena and I had looked at a lot of boats in the last year and a half and could see the potential. We made an offer and the owner accepted it. A couple of weeks later she was ours! What really sold us was the pink three wheeled bike, ratty sail covers and brown tarp over the cockpit!

Here are a couple of shots of the interior as we found her. You can see the galley area wood is bleached out, but is solid.