Monday, July 16, 2012

The Engine

A few words about the engine. We knew that the transmission would not shift into reverse per the previous owner. Once I dug into trying to figure out what was wrong...I found out. It appears the transmission was run dry of oil. So the outcome is not good. I put in some oil and found that it all drained out by the next day. There is factory installed drain pan in the boat to keep oil out of the bilge. So no oil went down there! The engine ran during the survey, but come to find out there was no oil in that either. The wet muffler bottom had rusted out so we could not run it long. So we are now saving up for a new engine and transmission. If you care to donate toward that just let me know! The engine is a Volvo MD11B, it is a two cylinder 25HP. The parts for Volvo's is so expensive it is not worth rebuilding. Plus 25 horses for a near 20,000 lb boat is a bit on the lite side! I will remove the engine and try and sell it or at least parts from it. It is a shame about the motor as it only has 45 hours on it. This poor boat was just plain neglected all the way around. But those days are over for her!

Looking aft from the salon into the engine room.
Here is the transmission and the clean aft bilge.
Here is the main way to get into the engine room. Remove the cockpit floor....but it is heavy!