Monday, July 16, 2012

Boat moving time

We looked at several Marinas to keep the boat and decided on Lighthouse Yacht Landing in Wilmington. The boat was in Cabrillo Marina in San Pedro. So we had to move the boat a total of about 5 miles. Since the boats motor and transmission are not working we hired Vessel Assist to tow the boat to its new marina. July 2, 2012 was moving day. Vessel Assist showed up and had us pull the boat out of the slip next to their boat. They sided tied to Nellie Jo and away we went. I have to thank Todd and Jim, my neighbors at Cabrillo for helping me pull the boat out of the slip.  Here are some pictures of the journey. The whole trip took about 45 minutes and there were no issues. I stayed on the boat while underway and looked for any leaks that might happen while under way. I found none, but that is what I expected.

Here is the USS Iowa  in its new home.

Dreaming of sailing....without vessel assist!
WE had a few welcome signs waiting for us at the new marina! Plus a welcoming committee!
Yeah they left the "s" off but all the others ones were correct!