Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bowsprit Cont. 7-24-12

Last night I worked on the bowsprit in my garage again. I had tried to get the stainless steel fitting off the end last week without success. Last week I used a rubber mallet. Last night I used a small maul. It appears all I needed was a bigger hammer! It was a tight fit but it slowly gave way.

All in all the wood was in good shape. Not that it really matters as the other end is rotten. Look at the picture above. See the glue joint....yeah well it is a joint with no glue, at least not now.

With that done I picked up the sanders and started on the teak platform. I want to sand the teak down just enough to get the silver off. Here is what it looked like when I stopped last night.

Of course the left side was the side I was sanding and the right is the untouched side.

I am in the process of getting estimates to have my bowsprit made. If it is reasonable I'll go that route. If not I will make it myself. The platform I can refurbish with out much time investment, so I will do that part.

I am thinking that I might have enough good wood left from the original bowsprit I might be able to make a boom cradle...which the boat is missing. We'll see!