Monday, November 5, 2012

The napping place or the bowsprit platform

The napping place.....we'll get to that later.
The bowsprit has been on for a few weeks but the platform was still being worked on. Meaning I had to finish putting on 3 coats of cetol light then two coats of cetol clear. It seemed to take forever. I could only do one side at a time, the top or the bottom. I guess I could have hung the platform like I hung the bowsprit when I painted it. For whatever reason I didn't so it took a loooong time finish. This is my first attempt with cetol so lets say there are a few oops in it. I call it my 10 foot cetol job. If you look at it from 10 feet it looks great! But hey I am planning on sailing this boat so as long as she is protected I'm good. No marina queen here!

Above is the platform resting on the polished bowsprit pulpit. You can see where I am putting butyl tape on the edge that will be against the bowsprit.

Here you can see the butyl tape being squeezed out as I tighted up the nuts on the allthread. I learned that I have to make sure the bolts go through the holes after I complete the finish. It sure makes it easier to install at the boat if I know the bolts will go through.

Oh I like the look of the platform against the white bowsprit! To heck with stainless steel.There is something to be said for the look of wood be it painted or stained.

Ok here is the napping place!