Monday, November 5, 2012

Spike TV....Looking for a story line.

While working on the bowsprit two guys walked up to me and asked if they could take pictures and film while they asked me some questions. They explained that they are with a production company for Spike TV looking to a story line about living at a marina. Well I don't live there but they asked questions about what I was doing, how did I learn to work on boats, etc. They also asked what my plans for the boat was.....well I explained about the "50 month plan".  Don't we all have a plan to sail away? They asked about why this boat. Oh that was easy. I love my Westsail and quickly went on to brag about the quality of the boat and it's toughness. The "crew" then asked if they could go aboard. Deena had just finished sanding the engine room and the boat was a mess as it gets when we work on multiple projects. Just the camera man went below and asked Deena a lot of questions and how it was to live on the boat. She explained we didn't and answered a ton of other questions concerning the boat, other people etc.

So we were offered a 3 month contract for them to film us. Can you believe they offered to pay us $20,000 a month...each!!
The picture above is the crew interviewing Barbara, the marina owner.

 By the way I lied no contract, no offer...I made that part up!  But the rest is true! I don't think we were...ahh...mmmm.....shady enough if you know what I mean. I guess we have to keep our jobs dang it!