Tuesday, June 6, 2017


This is not a vacation....this is our LIFE!

I have some catching up to do on the blog due to the relaxed life I live now. I never thought I would say that and MEAN it!
  So just as a teaser.... we survived the Baja HAHA and have been sailing in the Sea Of Cortez. Nellie Jo was hauled out and had a long needed bottom job done, plus a few other items taken care of while she was out of the water. We have met some incredible people that will be life long friends.

Right now we are back in the states to take care of family stuff and finish getting rid of our storage locker. I miss the boat already...

Here are some of the pictures we took......enjoy

We made a new 120 panel

Freddie becomes our new crew!

Deena and Freddie the kayaker.

Sea Caves

Westsail 32 Idle Dreams with Nellie Jo in the background.



SV Striker is the second boat up from the bottom.

Safety First.....or after a few drinks on SV/Little Haste

Nellie Jo and Idle Dreams