Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So what is happening overall?

What is going on with the boat?  My reasoning for the way I do things is this. I figure that I do not want to take a chance of sailing the boat in the condition it was in when I bought it. Plus the engine was kaput so that stopped me from sailing anyway. (I know it's a SAIL boat why do you need an engine? Lets see ...moving the boat in and out of my slip with a ten foot spear on the front is going to be tricky enough with an engine must less at the mercy of the wind and tide! Plus my neighbors would hate me if I ran my spear through their boat.) Anyway...I wanted to make sure the mast stayed vertical. So that is almost done, then to re power, then to the deck and do the pretty stuff and finally do the cabin. Last but not least do the bottom before we head out. So there you have my game plan. Now keep in mind that this list will change and get longer and shorter at my desire...or the boats desire really. She is after all calling the shots. It is her that "tells" me what she needs! The list looks short but that is just a fantasy. It is really long!

Fuel system - The latest is the fuel tank was removed and I have two new ones being fabbed. I will have to make two fuel pickups as I could not find some steel ones that I liked. I found a used Racor dual filter system at a consignment store. It is a bit large but I think I will go and get it as it is priced right and I can rebuild it. (If it is still there.) I have figured out the valves I want to install to control the fuel flow. I will also use the filters to polish the fuel. I figured that it won't take much more time or money so I might as well go ahead and do it. Some people think it is a good idea some don't. I'm torn so I will do it just to be on the safe side.

Engine - I have most of the hoses I need. I am missing one so I need to get it ordered. I plan on firing up the engine at home just to make sure it does fire up....after all I bought it used. I need to make a stand for the engine for when I start it and for transporting it.  I need to buy all new gauges and sending units. I'll go with VDO gauges as they seem to hold up well and are price friendly. I do need to rewire the engine or at least inspect every wire just to make sure.

Standing rigging - Well I have most of the "support" items all in great shape, the bowsprit, bobstay, whisker stays, boomkin and it's stays. So I know the mast won't fall down. Next will be to remove either just a few or all of the chain plates ti inspect them. Chances are I will replace them all before we head out but it they are in descent shape I will keep them for a few years more.  I will sail with them locally but only after I have inspected them closely.

Deck - Let to do...everything! Oh I did by replacement teak handrails and wood for the companionway. H & L Marine was going out of business so I bought a few things before they closed their doors. I was the last customer..sad sad day.

Cabin - below deck - Same as above. Everything is still left to do. But really it is in pretty good shape down there.

Sorry no pictures...all talk....or err all words.

But here is the picture I keep in my head. Just replace the hat with a bottle of rum :)

(If this is your picture let me know and I will give you credit or remove it if you wish.)